Inga Dietrich - Audrey

Inga Dietrich is an actress and director based in Berlin since 1990. From 1992 to 1997 she participated as a cast member in the “Brussel-Project“. In addition to theater work in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and Vienna, she has been involved in numerous readings and audio plays. In 2000 she became the artistic director of Berlin’s Bloomsday, a literary festival dedicated to James Joyce. She has appeared in over 50 productions of films and television programs since 1999.

Erik Hansen - William

Erik Hansen studied acting briefly, before setting out to see the world. After a couple of years, his travels led him to Berlin, where has been living since the 1970s. He has done physical theater, political theater, classic and avant-garde theater, film, television, video and voice-over. He first worked with Frauke Havemann in 1995.

Sabine Hertling - Mary

Sabine Hertling’s artistic career began in 1983 at the First Berlin School of Mime and Pantomime. She then continued drama studies in Berlin followed by Indian dance studies in Paris and India before landing in Berlin’s independent performance scene. There she worked for years, most notably with theater directors like Matthias Wittekindt and Hans Werner Krösinger, as well as starting her work as a film and television actress. Since 2012 she also has worked as a voice over artist for the Deutsche Welle.

Charles McDaniel - Hobart

Dr. Charles McDaniel (Ph.D.-Theater) is a Berlin-based teacher, director, actor, playwright, and novelist. His prose works include the urban fantasy series “The Caleb Ride Chronicles” and the short story collection “Dark Matters”. His play/scenic collage “Stimmen Durch Die Mauer/Voices Through The Wall” was featured on the BBC-World Radio program “The Strand.”

Jack Rath - Gunman

Jack Rath is a director, writer and editor based in Berlin. Following a Bachelor of Media Arts at RMIT Melbourne, he worked in the Australian film industry before relocating to Berlin in 2000. His award winning short film “Olli” and his debut feature documentary “Between Home” have been screened at over 40 festivals worldwide. As an actor Jack hasn’t been in front of the camera since film school. Now he’s back in WEATHER HOUSE.