„Mysterious and mesmerizing, Weather House turns the end of the world into fine art.“

„…,Weather House could easily represent a cross-over between The Exterminating Angel and The Road being staged as Ionesco or Genet´s play.“

Weather House gives a glimpse into the madness and the cult mentality that can take over in situations where death and climate change is a near possibility.

„This minimalist apocalypse looks very different from The Day after Tomorrow, but in its own way it way be a more damning indictment of our indolence and lassitude.“

2 Journal of Religion & Film, Vol. 21 [2017], Iss. 1, Art. 9 (PDF)

„The difficulty in rating an avant-garde art film like Weather House comes in regarding the context of what it’s being compared to. If the reference standard is Evil Dead 2, then it’s a 1. If the reference standard is Eraserhead, then it’s an 8.“

„You’ll laugh. You’ll cringe. You’ll scratch your head. You’ll probably get caught up in a trance. You’ll get pulled into the true curiosity that is Weather House.“

„Directors Frauke Havemann and Eric Schefter create a visual style befitting Mark Johnson’s minimalist script, employing slow zooms, somber line readings, and barren widescreen compositions.“

Weather House is a surreal apocalyptic black comedy defined by the alien behaviors of its survivors: …. It is punctuated with breathtaking slow-motion shots of wind and rain pummeling trees and earth, which are as unnerving as the action inside the house is perplexing.“